$18 million for Sustainable Ocean Action

23 April 2021

The Morrison Government is investing $18 million to protect iconic marine species, reduce bycatch, improve the sustainability of our fisheries and stimulate investment in our oceans.

Assistant Minister for Forestry and Fisheries Senator Jonno Duniam said the investment was part of the Australian Government’s new $100 million Ocean Leadership package.

“Australia’s world leading sustainable fisheries are a vital national asset that we can all take pride in,” Assistant Minister Duniam said.

“The Sustainable Ocean Action package will target real-world outcomes that continually improve that record. 

“We are investing $10 million to deliver targeted projects to restore and protect threatened marine species and eradicate invasive species. 

“This investment will include funding work to bring Australia’s handfish species back from the brink by creating artificial breeding habitats and re-introducing captive-raised Red Handfish.

“It will deliver on-ground measures to protect turtle nesting sites, and improve breeding outcomes in locations across Western Australia and the Northern Territory.  

“It will also promote work with community groups to protect beach-nesting birds like the Australian Fairy Tern and Hooded Plover from the impacts of beach users and invasive species.

“A further $5 million will fund new measures that support the marine environment and sustainable fisheries through practical measures to avoid bycatch of threatened species.

“And we are investing $3 million to support innovative blue finance options and the roll-out of ocean accounting at a national scale.

“Our ocean industries support almost 400,000 jobs and are projected to contribute $100 billion each year to our economy by 2025.

“The $100 million Ocean Leadership Package and our $18 million Sustainable Ocean Action is part of the government’s commitment to play a leading role in protecting our ocean while investing in its productivity and biodiversity.”