Big milestone for leading Australian recycler

20 January 2020

Australia’s largest coffee cup recycling program Simply Cups has today reached the milestone of collecting 10 million cups for recycling, after less than 3 years of operation.

Assistant Minister for Waste Reduction and Environmental Management Trevor Evans recycled the ten millionth cup in Sydney, joined by the Managing Director of Closed Loop, Rob Pascoe, and CEO of 7-Eleven Australia, Angus McKay.

“Australians love their coffee so it’s vital that they can easily and reliably recycle their disposable coffee cups and reduce the huge number of takeaway cups that currently end up in landfill each year,” Assistant Minister Evans said.

“Rather than just being put in the rubbish bin and ending up in landfill, Simply Cups collect and then reprocess the used coffee cups, transforming them into new items like outdoor furniture, coffee cups trays, and even traffic solutions like roadside kerbing.

“Simply Cups’ recycling scheme now collects almost 1 million cups every month across Australia, with nearly 1000 collection points at 7-Eleven stores, cafes, hotels, hospitals and universities.

“Australians care deeply about recycling, and by disposing of coffee cups at a designated Simply Cups collection point, they will be doing their part to increase recycling and reduce waste.”

“This is a great practical example of Australia’s growing circular economy in action, and shows how we will all benefit from an invigorated waste and recycling industry.”

The Australian Government is strongly committed to reducing waste, increasing recycling rates, and building capacity in Australia’s recycling industry. We are making game-changing investments and practical actions, including through:

  • our $167 million Australian Recycling Investment Plan;
  • 2019 National Waste Policy Action Plan  that reduces waste, increases recycling rates and builds capacity in our domestic recycling industry; and
  • a ban on the export of waste plastic, paper, glass and tyres, to make sure that Australia takes care of its own waste.