Doorstop interview at Australasian Waste and Recycling Expo 2019, Sydney

31 October 2019

TREVOR EVANS: I think one of the main lessons from today's expo discussion is around how the Federal Government is stepping in to play a leadership role when it comes to the national policy settings that we need, to ensure that we have a viable and strong onshore industry that can handle Australia's recycling and waste management needs. And I guess the second point is I'm encouraging industry to work together to collaborate and to innovate. I'm a strong believer that while federal governments and other government levels can add the regulations and the landscape to help facilitate the transition we need to take place, ultimately, industry has a very big role to play when it comes to confronting the challenges in front of us. And taking advantage of the opportunities we're going to see into the future.

JOURNALIST: And for you, what are some of the most exciting things happening in this industry right now that you've seen at the show or that you've seen happening around New South Wales?

TREVOR EVANS: I think the most exciting thing that I've seen here at the expo is the level of passion that's clearly in the room from stakeholders, from industry, from government from consumers, from everyone. But also a willingness to innovate and then collaborate. There's so many fantastic new ideas, inventions and processes that are available to us as we confront the challenges ahead of us in the waste and recycling industries. And people's ability and their interest in sharing those ideas and those inventions will make sure that we can help to bridge the gap when it comes to awareness, information and education so that together we can all play the roles that we need to, to create the great industry we want to see here in Australia.

JOURNALIST: How important in this industry is a show like this in creating discussion amongst everyone and bringing everyone together?

TREVOR EVANS: I'm from a small and family business background, and before politics I ran an industry association that worked predominantly with businesses just trying to get great things done and achieve great results for their customers. And I know the huge pressures that there are inside a business sometimes to be always focused on the activities inside your business. And so opportunities like this allow businesses to step out of their business for a little while, to think about their business from outside, to work on their business, rather than in their business. And that's really important as we continue to confront the challenges ahead of us and as we continue to make the innovation inside of our business models that we need to, to keep our businesses and our industry fit for purpose and strong into the future.