$2 million boost in the fight against feral cats

7 September 2020

The Australian Government today announced that it has committed $2 million to upscale production of two feral cat control tools, the Curiosity® bait for feral cats and the Felixer Grooming Traps.

This new investment, delivered under the $100 million Environment Restoration Fund, will support efforts to manufacture these tools at the commercial scale, reducing cost and ensuring supply to practitioners on the ground.

The Curiosity® bait for feral cats is a small sausage with a hard plastic pellet containing a humane toxin (para-aminopropiophenone, or PAPP).  The bait has been designed to minimise the risk to native animals. A hard pellet limits access by animals other than cats.

The Felixer Grooming trap is an innovative and automated tool to help control feral cats and foxes. This tool uses sensors to distinguish target cats and foxes from non-target wildlife and humans and sprays the targets with a measured dose of toxic gel.

Minister Ley said that the tools will be critical in protecting our wildlife from the threat of feral cats.

“Feral cats are significant threat to our native wildlife and, since European arrival, they have been implicated in the extinction of more than 20 mammal species and threaten a further 124 nationally listed species” said Minister Ley.

“By investing in these technologies, we can ensure that practitioners on the ground are fully equipped to manage this threat”.

The new tools are safe to use and will only be accessible to trained and authorised personnel.

“The strict conditions set out by the Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority include training requirements for those deploying the tools, which ensure that there is extremely low risk to the public and their pets” said Minister Ley

More information about these tools and feral cats can be found at http://environment.gov.au/biodiversity/invasive-species/feral-animals-australia/feral-cats