Additional drought assistance for farmers

7 November 2019

The Morrison Government’s additional drought assistance announced today represents important steps for farmers and the environment.

More than 60 percent of Australia’s land is managed by agriculture, and the current drought is significantly impacting the capacity of farming families to survive.

People on the land care about sustainable farming - from the preservation of the soil base in their paddocks to tree planting, protection of threatened species and management of invasive pests through to the Landcare programme and Climate Solutions projects which help to store carbon and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The extra assistance we have announced today will help farmers get on with what they do best, preserving and fostering primary production on our precious land for today, and tomorrow.

Generating water from Adelaide’s desalination plant will play a key role in the Prime Minister’s plan to provide 100 gigalitres of low cost water along the Murray Darling to grow much needed fodder.

This will drive much needed income for some farmers and generate fodder for use across the country.

It will also provide relief for Dairy Farmers in particular.

Keeping farming viable and sustainable is an important part of managing our environment and the Prime Minister has made it clear that we will continue to respond to needs as they arise.