Australian War Memorial redevelopment approved

10 December 2020

I have today approved the Australian War Memorial redevelopment proposal under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Act 1999.

The decision, based on Departmental advice, follows a rigorous assessment of the proposal against the heritage values of the Australian War Memorial and Parliament House Vista, in keeping with both National and Commonwealth Heritage Management Principles.

In making this decision, I acknowledge the diverse range of community and stakeholder submissions made during the consultation period and the public interest in the project. 

The Australian War Memorial holds a sacred place in the hearts of Australians and there are 29 strict conditions of approval to minimise and mitigate the residual impacts on the site’s National Heritage and Commonwealth Heritage values.

The Memorial will be required to prepare a Heritage Impact Assessment of the final design for my approval to ensure the site’s heritage values continue to be protected. 

The iconic shape and front façade of the building will be preserved throughout this redevelopment, as will the main commemorative area including the Pool of Reflection, the Roll of Honour, the Hall of Memory, and the galleries dedicated to the First and Second World Wars. 

I am satisfied the conditions of my approval will ensure the Australian War Memorial will continue to be an outstanding national museum and memorial that recognises and commemorates an important part of Australia’s history.