Updated Reef 2050 Plan released

20 December 2021

The Australian and Queensland governments today released the updated Reef 2050 Long-Term Sustainability Plan, also known as the Reef 2050 Plan. The plan sets out a clear pathway to protect the Great Barrier Reef and tackle the threats outlined in the Great Barrier Reef Outlook Report 2019. 

The Reef 2050 Plan, jointly developed by the Australian and Queensland governments, is Australia’s overarching strategy for protecting and managing the Great Barrier Reef.

The updated plan is the result of the first five-yearly comprehensive review of the Reef 2050 Plan, carried out in close collaboration with stakeholders and the community. 

The revitalised plan focusses on the importance of climate change action, water quality, fostering increased collaboration with Traditional Owners and continuing to ensure that our effort and investment targets the right priorities and actions to support the health and resilience of the Reef.

Together, the Australian and Queensland governments are investing more than $3 billion from 2014-15 to 2023-24 under the Reef 2050 Plan.

To find out more about the updated Plan, how partners are delivering key actions and how you can be involved, visit: https://awe.gov.au/parks-heritage/great-barrier-reef/publications/reef-2050-long-term-sustainability-plan-2021-25