$15 million fencing program for farmers and native fish

20 November 2019
  • $15 million available for riverbanks program in Queensland and NSW.
  • Program to protect native fish in Northern Basin and benefit local farmers.
  • Offers have been sent to state water ministers to deliver of the program.

A $15 million riverbank fencing program in the Northern Basin will improve water quality, help protect native fish and keep farm animals safe.

Minister for Water Resources David Littleproud said the program was part of the Coalition Government’s $80 million investment in improving river health and protecting native fish.

“This will keep farm animals out of sensitive parts of the river,” Minister Littleproud said.

“Herds defecating near or in the river can make algal blooms worse and put fish at risk.

“We will see more fish deaths this summer with hot, dry weather forecast and very little water flowing into the river.

“The program will improve water quality and habitat for fish to help their survival.

“This will give species like Murray cod, silver perch, and golden perch a better chance. 

“It will also keep farm animals safe as they can be injured or drown around rivers. 

“Funding will be available to local Landcare services, natural resource management groups and indigenous organisations. 

“The work will also be done in by local businesses, creating local jobs.

“This is a win-win with a boost for rural economies and the environment.” 

Fast Facts:

  • NSW and Queensland will be able to access up to $7.5 million each of to deliver the Northern Basin Riverbanks program. 
  • The program involves fencing off environmentally sensitive areas of northern Basin waterways from livestock.
  • The program will help protecting native fish in the northern Basin while keeping farm animals safe.