Australia’s food security continues to be among world’s best

26 June 2020

Following a re-emergence of panic buying behaviour, the Minister for Agriculture, David Littleproud has moved to reaffirm that Australia’s food security is amongst the best in the world. 

“People should not be panicking. Our Agricultural sector is ensuring an abundant supply of excellent quality, fresh food from all parts of the country,” Minister Littleproud said.

“Australian farmers have continued to calmly go about producing the best food in the world, and Australian’s can be assured that there is no threat to their food security. 

“Australia’s food supply is safe and how we, our farmers and our supply-chains have managed the pandemic through the crisis is the envy of countries all over the world.

“I want to stress to all Australian’s that our food supply is safe. We are a country of 25 million, and we produce enough food for 75 million. 

“Australia has reliable, secure supply chains from the paddock to the kitchen.  

“We continue to engage with State and Territory Governments to ensure supply lines remain open. 

Minister Littleproud said panic buying behaviour was completely unnecessary. 

“To those bulk buying I have a simple message; Stop it. Take a leaf out of our farmer’s handbook. Stay calm and we will get through this together. 

“We have been through worse in the past three months and agriculture came through for the Australians with flying colours.”