Joint Media Release: Flushing delays out of the SA water market

26 January 2019

South Australian Minister for Water and Environment, David Speirs​
Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, David Littleproud

  • Coalition Government invests $13.2 million to speed up water trading in SA
  • New system will deliver water where it’s needed without unnecessary delays
  • Brings South Australian system in line with other Basin states

South Australian irrigators will be able to access the water they buy almost immediately, thanks to a $14.67 million investment in the state’s water trading system.

Federal Minister for Water Resources David Littleproud said the move would mean water is delivered in minutes or hours, not days.

“This will make sure crops don’t wilt while farmers wait on their water,” Minister Littleproud said.

“When farmers do well, the whole community does well and t​his investment will also benefit regional SA businesses.

“The new system will give farmers the flexibility to buy and sell water at short notice.

“It takes the hassle of processing times and delays out of the system.

“It lets water users see real-time data so they can make well-timed business decisions.

“This is just one way the Coalition Government is working with farmers to get the best out of their water.”

So​​​uth Australian Minister for Water and Environment David Speirs said the water trading system would bring South Australia in line with the rest of the Basin states.

“This is an exciting and significant step that will make South Australia’s current water regulatory services and systems – an area which SA already performs exceedingly well – even better,” said Minister Speirs.

“The water trading system will improve intra and interstate water trading, including better alignment with the New South Wales and Victorian water management systems as well as support the delivery of the Basin Plan.

“The delivery of these services will reduce red tape and costs to support more efficient business decisions in South Australia.”

The new system will be fully implemented by 30 June 2021.​

Fast Facts:

  • Water trading is vital to irrigators, supporting sustainable water management
  • The states are primarily responsible for running water markets by their rules
  • Water trading in the Murray-Darling Basin is worth around $2 billion annually
  • The Federal Government is contributing $13.2 million and the SA Government $1.47 million to the upgrade