Future Drought Fund is creating a new generation of drought resilient leaders

13 October 2021
  • Australian Government is investing more than $11 million in the Future Drought Fund’s Drought Resilience Leaders program.
  • The program gives farmers and regional communities the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills through training and mentoring programs that build drought resilience.
  • Applications are now open in 7 regions across Australia.

The Australia Government is investing in building drought resilient leaders through the $5 billion Future Drought Fund.

Minister for Agriculture and Northern Australia, David Littleproud said applications for the Drought Resilience Leaders program have opened in seven regions across Australia. 

“We know that farmers listen to farmers, and others in their community. That’s why we are investing in developing a new generation of community leaders to drive conversations and action to better prepare for inevitable drought,” Minister Littleproud said.

“With drought conditions easing across much of the country, now is the time to build leadership capabilities, learning from others experience to build back better. We need to get prepared before the next drought inevitably comes.”

The seven regions include Northern Wheatbelt, WA; Gascoyne Murchison, WA; Mallee, Vic; North West Slopes and Plains, NSW; Eyre Peninsula SA; Murraylands, SA; and Western NSW. They are part of an initial set of 12 regions being targeted for leadership development. 

Minister for Agriculture and Northern Australia, David Littleproud said the program is a partnership between the Australian Government and the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation Limited (ARLF).

The ARLF will work with the selected applicants to develop their leadership capabilities, encouraging them to work together with their communities to better prepare for drought.

For more information visit here. For more information about the Future Drought Fund Drought Resilience Leaders program and other FDF programs visit here

Fast Facts:

  • The Drought Resilience Leaders is a program under the $5 billion Future Drought Fund.
  • The Future Drought Fund provides a secure, continuous funding of $100 million per year for drought resilience initiatives.
  • The Drought Resilience Leaders program began with two pilot regions earlier this year.
  • In parallel with leadership development courses, ARLF will be running a national mentoring program to foster informal knowledge sharing to build drought resilience of farmers.
  • The 7 regions around Australia open for applications from 13 October:
    • Northern Wheatbelt, Western Australia
    • Gascoyne Murchison, Western Australia
    • Mallee, Victoria
    • North West Slopes and Plains, New South Wales
    • Eyre Peninsula, South Australia
    • Murraylands, South Australia
    • Western New South Wales