Further improvements to Farm Household Allowance

13 February 2020

  • Farmers won’t need to take part in business income reconciliation from July 1
  • Farming families have greater income certainty and can focus on recovery
  • Farm Household Allowance applications significantly simplified over 12 months

More red tape will be slashed for Farm Household Allowance applications with new legislation introduced into Parliament.

Minister for Agriculture and Drought David Littleproud said the Government was committed to making sure farmers could access the allowance when they need it.

“I don’t want farmers jumping through hoops when it’s not needed,” Minister Littleproud said.

“We’ve taken several recommendations from a farmer-led panel to make the FHA applications more straightforward.

“These changes are another step in simplifying the Farm Household Allowance.

“Business income reconciliation will no longer be necessary in the new financial year. 

“This will prevent putting farming families in debt if they receive unexpected income.

“Case managers will also be able to extend the time farmers have to complete farm financial assessments so they don’t miss out on support in complex cases.

“These changes build on improvements we’ve made over the past 12 months, such as letting couples apply for the FHA in a single online application - telling their story once.

“Farmers making a loss can also offset their off-farm income up to $100,000 per couple. 

“We’ve made FHA available for four out of 10 years, instead of a three year lifetime limit.

“We’ve also made Relief Payments for people finishing their first four years of FHA in recognition of the extended drought and unprecedented natural events.”

Fast Facts:

  • Since 2014 the FHA has paid $398 million to more than 13,300 individuals.
  • $2 million per week invested in rural communities through the FHA.
  • Coalition reviewed the Farm Household Allowance in 2018. 
  • Farmer-led panel made recommendations to refocus and simplify the allowance.