Littleproud calls for less bureaucracy on land management

29 May 2019

MP for Maranoa and Minister for Drought David Littleproud has called on the Queensland Government to fix the native vegetation mess in that state.

Huge fines may now be imposed by local governments on landholders who may be removing trees they themselves planted, following a decision by the Queensland court of appeal.

“There’s already too much state government bureaucracy around native vegetation and this could add another layer of complexity,” Mr Littleproud said.

“Farmers in drought need less bureaucracy, not more.

“It’s time for Government to get out of people’s lives. It’s time for the Queensland Government to clean up native vegetation laws which were comprehensively rejected by Queenslanders at the May 18 Federal Election.

“May 18 was a clear message to the Queensland Government not just on supporting mining jobs but supporting regional Queenslanders with dams, and trusting farmers to manage vegetation on their land.

“The Queensland Government should hear this message and change these laws accordingly.

“I’ve heard first hand from drought-stricken farmers who now had access to 35 per cent less feed as a result of the Queensland Government’s current vegetation management laws.

“Farmers have been managing mulga in a sustainable way for generations and should be allowed to continue to, without government interference.”