MinCo greenlights Inspector-General

4 August 2019
  • Basin states unanimously agree to Murray-Darling Basin Inspector-General
  • Inspector-General will have oversight of Plan delivery Basin-wide
  • Inspector-General will also report back to the Murray-Darling Ministerial Council

A new Inspector-General will soon be policing the roll-out of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan and will make sure all water users are following the rules.

Minister for Water Resources David Littleproud put the idea to Ministerial Council today, which was approved by agreement of all Basin states and the ACT.

“The Inspector-General will be a tough, but fair cop to oversee all state and federal agencies delivering the Basin Plan,” Minister Littleproud said.

“They will make sure all agencies live up to their responsibilities and can investigate allegations of water theft.

“Basin Water Ministers also agreed the Inspector-General should report to the Ministerial Council when it meets every six months.

“This is another way in which the Inspector-General will be accountable to everyone in the Basin as well as appearing before Senate estimates.

“The goodwill taken to create this position reassures me that this new role will help to rebuild trust between the states.

“It will also give basin communities greater confidence the Plan is being rolled out fairly.

“This is the best plan we have, and we all need to work together to deliver it.

“I thank my state colleagues for supporting this measure and working towards greater cooperation in the Basin.

“I expect legislation to create this new statutory role will pass Parliament next year.

“In the meantime Northern Basin Commissioner Mick Keelty will become the Interim Inspector-General.”

The role will replace the Northern Basin Commissioner, with oversight of both Northern and Southern Basins.