National leadership advancing urban water reform across Australia

27 November 2020

The Coalition Government welcomes the cooperation and significant progress made by states and territories towards driving the future of safe, affordable and reliable urban water services for all Australians.

Minister for Resources, Water and Northern Australia, Keith Pitt said the Advancing the urban water sector and Institutional arrangements for urban water reports, published today, identify practical priorities for advancing urban water reform across all states and territories. 
“We know all Australians expect high quality and affordable water services whether they live in outback Bourke or metropolitan Brisbane,” he said. 

“These complementary reports map the way forward for achieving a world-class urban water system in a practical and sustainable way recognising the challenges of both population growth and the impacts of an ever changing climate on the driest inhabited continent in the world.

“It is encouraging to note that significant strides have been made on the Commonwealth, states and territories’ approaches to collaboration, coordination and information sharing.

“I welcome the shared commitment on this important area and to the next phase of identifying potential urban water actions that can play a fundamental role in meeting our shared commitment to the National Water Initiative.”

The Advancing the urban water sector and Institutional arrangements for urban water reports were endorsed by the National Water Reform Committee (NWRC), an interjurisdictional committee that considers and progresses national water reforms. 

The work of the NWRC promotes sustainable water use across Australia to enhance social, human health, economic and environmental outcomes for current and future generations, and support sustainable water management through interjurisdictional development, oversight, coordination and implementation of water reform policy.

To access the reports, visit the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment’s website